Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Loan Term for each of the loan products?

Please click on Loan Term to access the information

  1. Repayment schedule for certain amounts?

Please visit any of our Branches to obtain information on Repayment schedule

  1. Who is eligible to borrow from PML?

Working class individuals and people who are in business (informal sector or registered

business with IPA)

  1. Where are the PML branches?

Please click on Branches to obtain Contact details.

  1. Where is PML Head Office located?

Section 06, Lot 23 & 24, Matirigo Street, Sir Hubert Murray Highway, Port Moresby.

  1. Is public eligible to borrow without having long savings (1-3 years) with PML?


  1. Where can I obtain Account Opening and Woklain Loan Application forms?

You can collect the forms from any of our Branches or download from this site by clicking on the Downloads menu.

  1. Is my money safe with PML?

PML is the leading and most reputable Micro bank in Papua New Guinea therefore your money is safe with us.

  1. Can PML help me grow my business?

PML has sufficient financial capacity to assist you in the achievement of your key business objectives.

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