PNG Microfinance Ltd (PML) is Papua New Guinea’s first microfinance institution established in 2004. PML serves customers in the informal sector , small business and is the provider of financial service in many parts of Papua New Guinea. The objectives of PML is to increase financial services in PNG and to be financially sustainable.

PNG Sustainable Development Program ( PNGSDP) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) are the main share holders. PML has its main office in Port Moresby located at Koki.

It is licensed by the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea as a second tier financial institution , specialising in Credit and Financial Services, including savings to micro and small business in PNG. PML operates on a commercial basis across PNG with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability. To this end, PML ensures its operations inlcude strong management and transparent governance; cost covering pricing policies; sound MIS; financial and operational policies and procedures; and staff development programs.

PML currently has nine (9) main branches and two (2) service centers with a range of products offered including seven (7) savings products and five (5) loan products. PML has more than 90,000 depositors and 3,000 borrowers.

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