PNG Microfinance Ltd accepts deposits for savings and loan repayments from customers through PML Pei service.

With the PML Pei service we are making it easy for our customers to save up or repay their loans without actually coming to the bank. Employers can directly do deposit into their employees Personal Savingspmlpei
Account or their other savings accounts with us such as Equity account, School Fee account and Krimas Moni Account.  Our customers can also repay their loans under our Woklain Dinau loan facility or their other loans with us…see reverse for more information.  It’s simple! Sign up for our PML Pei service by:

  1. Registering all your employees who wish to save up with us and access our loan facility.
  2. Install our PML Pei software at your organization 3. Use it and send electronic data to us through email or CD

Benefits to Employers

  1. No fees charge.
  2. Easy and convenient mode of doings savings and loan repayments.
  3. Minimal data-entry and increase data accuracy.
  4. No cash transaction and saves time.
  5. Deduct up to any amount.
  6. Minimize unnecessary bank charges.
  7. Minimize fraud and other risks.
  8. Accounts are automatically updated.

Benefits to Employees:

  1. No processing fee charges
  2. Easy and convenient mode of doings savings and loan repayments.
  3. Available loan facility for your urgent personal needs
  4. Saves time and cost of doing transaction.
  5. Save up to any amount
  6. Increase your savings for future personal or business needs

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