95% of our population make up the Informal Economy in PNG.  The Informal Economy comprises of small business activities that do not use high levels of technology or require a lot of money to start.  It includes making, using, distributing and selling goods or providing services at low levels of productivity.  The Informal Economy is of paramount importance to PNG society as it:

  • Is a source of income
  • Creates employment opportunities
  • Helps diminish the cost of living through the goods and services available
  • Reduces crime, theft, abuse and other social problems when basic needs are met and participants are regularly engaged

Our services are tailored towards the thousands who sustain their daily lives by doing small business activities in the Informal Economy and you will find them everywhere you go.  Some of them are stationed while others are mobile and a lot of these people are now benefiting and having access to the banking services provided by PML.

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