Existing Non Operative Businesses Revived by PML
Makop Onn is from Western Highlands Province and he is a former councillor to the Jika Parglimb tribe; one of the tribes in the Hagen Central District which is close to Hagen town. He owns a service station, kai bar and trade store which was in operation for quite a few years but due to some issues, his business could no longer sustain its operations.  Therefore in 2000, his business ceased to operate. His business is located along the highway to Enga Province.

                Trade Store Service Station Kai Bar

When PML opened up a branch in Hagen in 2012, he sought assistance by opening up an account with PML and sourced funds to meet the security percentage in order to apply for a loan.  His loan application was successful; PML funded him K78, 000.00 in February 2013 to purchase fuel for his service station from Inter Oil.  This revived his service station business as well as his trade store and kai bar businesses.  His business has been doing well since, so he was able to offset 50 percent of his loan and applied for a refinance of K150, 000.00 in November 2014, which was approved.

New Business Extensions – Guest House and Car Wash
Due to the success of his existing businesses, Makop Onn has ventured into guest housing and car wash.  He has converted the back of his trade store into a six bed room guest house which will soon be completed for business.

Entrance to Guest Rooms ss_pml_hagen_gh4ss_pml_hagen_gh3ss_pml_hagen_gh2ss_pml_hagen_cw1ss_pml_hagen_cw2         

Proposed Business
An area a few meters away from the service station, kai bar and trade store is being prepared for a village guest house.  These guest houses will be made from bush materials.

Benefits from Makop Onn’s Success – Family and Community
Makop Onn’s business revival by PML has created small business and job opportunities for the community and his family respectively. The kai bar and trade store is managed by his daughter and third son while he manages the service station. The car was business is managed by his first son. The community now has a market near the service station to sell their garden produce to people travelling the high way.  Further to that, Makop Onn is able to assist with any community obligation or issues due to his success and consequently his social standing which he had previously but this is a boost.
SME Refinanced Customer Mr. Makop Onn