PNG Sustainable Development Program

pngsdpPNGSDP was established in 2002, when BHP Billiton divested its 52 percent shareholding in OTML following concerns about the long-term environmental impact of the mine, and the social and economic repercussions of this impact. PNGSDP has the task of applying the funds coming from OTML which are assigned for the development of the PNG, in particular the people of the Western Province. ( Ok Tedi Mine )

PNGSDP’s objective  is to support selected Sustainable Development Programs through projects and initiatives to benefit PNG.  When the Ok Tedi Mining operation ends in the Western Province around 2013, our charter is to ensure that ongoing and lasting benefits remain with the people of the Western Province and PNG as a whole.

International Finance Corporation

ifcIFC fosters sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investment, mobilizing capital in the international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businesses and governments.

IFC helps companies and financial institutions in emerging markets create jobs, generate tax revenues, improve corporate governance and environmental performance, and contribute to their local communities. The goal is to improve lives, especially for the people who most need the benefits of growth.

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